Age Of Tyranny

Bank heist

Large stone building, handful of guards on perimiter. Side ally. 2 story 1 guard. easily dealt with. Scale the wall.
into the sulfer vent. Vents are a little to small for comfortable or speedy. Attempts to get out in abandoned scribe office.
steals letter opener and specticals, nothing else interesting. Hear voices. 2 people working late. heavy foots steps, guard and scribe.
oil hinges on door, it’s dark but guard is carrying lantern. light also on desk. Recently changed combination lock. harder to deal with
than simple lock and key. Creeps out and avoids guard. picks pocket of scribe at desk. Scribe bitches about job. going by desk notices paper
in waste basket. internal memo. someone recently fired for writing down safe combination. 1 of the numbers from 3 to 8. continue on.
Checks what scribe is working on. Loan documents. lock box inventory 6 of 15. Check nearby bookshelf. Hides from guard as he passes.
continues on. down to next level. Large area with desks. Caged teller area. guard at cage area, and guard pacing desk area.
behind stair landing small maitence closet. Turns lever on door causing noise. attracts guard in desk area. slits guards throat,
dumps body in the closet. Takes guards appearence. Ghost sound in caged area. paper and books falling. uses key to get into locked area
steals solid gold inkwells. steals silver fountain pen. moves into back area with safty deposit boxes. looks through inventory book.
oils and picks locks. one snaps, but makes very little noise. Cant take too long. leaves caged area. head down stairs to safe room.
1 more guard at safe room. Seems to be dozing. attempts to mimic guards voice, tells other guard everything is okay, fine, great, how are you?
Asks about shift change. Other guard asks if he is feeling okay, says he sounds funny. Are you sick? Admits to feeling under the weather
and asks if guard will take his shift. Guard agrees. Thank him. Head to the exit. head back to the safe room. Guard gets up complains about
first world problems. Guard paces back and forth, dodges guard jumping from shadow to shadow. 1 Key lock. 1 combo lock. Guard has no key visible.
uses guard disguise again, walks out of shadows of doorway. Offers guard flask, startled at first guard accepts. Kills guard. No Key.
breaks lock pick first try. lock is complex but has plenty of time. clicks open auidibly. platinum plated watch stolen. Onto combo lock.
Lock is again well made. Stumped. Random peck on the head. Bird! Bird points out hidden trap. Deactivates trap. Attempts to get the
bird to help pick the lock with it’s hearing. after several attempts succeeds in opening lock. Gloryious glorious coin. Bird is very happy.
Also finds log of illegal refugees. possibly contaminated. Bird reminds Haden of the pry bar. Sneaky Sneaky back out the way Haden came
back out into the alley.

She appreciates his giant sword

Most of the day spent chiseling corpse balls. It is around 4 pm. Return to the church to make camp for the night. It is uneventful. Sheila wakes the group early. They gather and head towards the forest. They travel throughout the day, eat some scorpions, and come upon the first real signs of an eco-system. The humidity begins to rise. By the time they make camp that night they have come upon small patches of grass. The night passes uneventfully. They arrive at the forest arrive around noon. Zephyr acquires some spores from a plant. They make camp in the semi-circle of three. Using a hammock they make sure to stay off the ground. It has become uncomfortably warm and humid.
A large beetle the size of a German Shepard appears from the underbrush and then disappears immediately, leaving behind ichorus goo. This happens again several times over the night. Nothing happens. We are visited my many forms of life, salamanders, insects, small mammals and strange bats. Zephyr digs. She is very curious. Polena assists. The night is uneventful.

Morning comes. Everything is damp. Sheila notices while cleaning her armor that the dew is unusual. It is thick and viscous. The nights digging was unsuccessful. The roots are so thick it is impossible to dig more than a few feet down. The fungus gets thicker farther in. They begin to see bioluminescent creatures and plants. Zephyr begins to add to her “guide”. The predatory things we find are all smaller than us and give us no trouble. They find a mineral deposit that Zephyr takes a sample of. Hayden is drawn to a bluish light. He comes upon the well of a tree. It is filled with sweet smelling that glows liquid. He puts his finger in it. It smells like nectar. He brings it to the parties attention. He tastes it. It is delicious. He is mildly intoxicated. He feels amazing. He fills a bottle with the goo, Zephyr does as well. They make camp for the night.
In the night they feel movement underground and they hear movement in the forest. The forest seems to move around the beetles, parting for them as they pass through. The Tree Well seems to be a potential food source for the insects. Zephyr feels very close to a major breakthrough with her notes. Possibly the origin of the parasitic creatures they faced on the last continent.
Blue drank is the shiznat.
Zephyr comes to the realization her notes contain the summoning ritual for Faramils monster, which is the cause of the blight worm plague. We make camp again. The first shift passes uneventfully. Sheila awakes to her natural clock. This is unusual. Polena and Zephyr and missing.
“this isn’t the blessing I want it to be is it?”
Unable to find a trail they set upon direction indicated by Erics “Hunch”.

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